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Heart of Gold Organics is owned by husband and wife, Mike and Vanessa Torres. We researched sustainable and productive farming systems that would help us to become self sufficient and promote environmental sustainability in agriculture. After losing our small outdoor garden to the extreme Texas drought and then discovering how much less water is needed to produce high quality vegetables within an aquaponics system, we decided this was the route for us. Our small dream grew into a larger goal to provide food not only for ourselves but also to the community around us. That is when Heart of Gold Family Farm was born.

Heart of Gold Family Farm provides organic, sustainably grown vegetables and tilapia to Austin and the surrounding areas. We specialize in climate controlled aquaponics, which uses 95% less water than traditional farming, and our goal is to be the most eco-friendly farm we can be while providing fresh food to our community.

We are located at 18220 Camino Real, Dale Texas – That’s 2 miles east of Hwy 183 and Hwy 21, between Austin and Lockhart.