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The Farm Fresh Accessibility Project is our partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank through which we produce, donate and distribute  farm fresh, naturally organic produce to families in need.

Do you want to be a part of a different approach to the traditional community supported agriculture model? Our donation funded project uses private contributions to operate our aquaponics greenhouse and to distribute our produce to the Capital Area Food Bank. This allows us to pay any worker at the farm a living wage and puts fresh organic produce in the mouths of hundreds of Texans. By donating you will get to see how many pounds of produce we can distribute to families in need. We will provide monthly updates on our mutual  achievements as well as updates on developments in this pioneering method of agriculture.

This season we’re growing basil, kale, collard greens, rainbow chard, and a variety of lettuce.

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There are a few ways to donate. You can make a one time donation, a monthly donation or an annual donation. If you have any questions about which option to choose, contact us here.

To make a one time donation, click “donate” below 

For monthly or annual sponsorship, use this link below



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